16″ Beauty Dish (bowens mount w/grid) – White Interior


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One of my favorite modifiers for portraits and glamour photography, this 16 inch beauty dish comes in a bowens mount so you can use it with your speedlights and the S-Bracket as well as with your hybrid flashes like the ad360ii or strobes such as the ad600bm. It is very versatile with a white finish so that you get softer light than the ones that come with a silver finish. It also has a sock for an even more diffused look and to better control the light, you also get the honeycomb grid.. It is tough to beat this setup…This is the perfect modifier for outdoor use because it is heavier than a softbox or umbrella and will not become a sail in a slight breeze.


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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 7 in


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