24in Speedbox Octabox


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24in Speedbox Octabox

Introducing the Speedbox line of light modifiers from Flashgear! The Speedbox is a line of quick and easy open modifiers that are a breeze to use. At Flashgear, our goal is to help you produce great images with the least amount of stress and difficulty. We strive to continue to maintain our reputation for lightweight, high quality modifiers that are affordable. As a result, the Speebox is a modifier that produces a soft, medium contrast light that is great for a wide range of photography. Because of its ease of use and the quality of light it produces, the Speedbox is recommended for a variety of genres that include portraiture, product photography, newborns, sports and groups just to name a few. No matter what you shoot, no matter where you shoot, this modifier never ceases to impress. If you are ready for greatness, this is the modifier for you!

Why is it so great?

The Speedbox series uses two high quality diffusion panels that are treated with a special UV coating. Therefore, helping to prevent any type of color cast commonly found in lower quality modifiers. Moreover, as you look deeper, you will find a soft silver lining that works to scatter light in all directions. As a result, you are able to produce light that has a very nice and soft appearance. Our support rods simply click and lock into place giving the Speedbox its form. A bowens mount speedring comes standard. If needed, the speedring can be changed out for many other styles including balcar/alien bee mount. To make it even better, the Speedbox also comes with a grid. By using a grid, you can have even more control over the light when needed. In addition, we have also included a labeled canvas carry bag.


What’s in the box?

1 – 24in Speedbox Octabox

2 – High Quality UV Diffusion Panels

1 – Canvas, Zippered Carry Bag

Unlimited – Awesomeness!

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24in Speedbox Octabox
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