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Godox FV200

COB Has Entered The Conversation On Professional Grade Lighting.

Photography & Film Lighting hosts some sort of evolution every few seasons. Godox continues to stand in front of these moments with its FV200 Continuous LED & HSS Flash. The COB LED has a brightness range of 0% to 100% as the main light and acts as a modeling source, 5% to 100%. Intuitive user interface, X Series transmitter compatibility & heat dissipation add to this precisely designed unit of the future.

The good stuff!

The Godox FV200merges LED continuous luminous flow and Flash light burst insta-peak technology. The COB LEB retains the traditional intensity of the LED module for unbroken delivery of high intensity 18,000 lux at 1 meter, while still delivering bursts of High Speed Sync flash illumination. The built in X series receiver wirelessly links to the entire X Series family of transmitters, accepting commands for intensity, in 16 groups and 32 channels. Even without any of the worldwide recognized Godox X series camera-based wireless transmitters, the included handheld remote control commands the LED beast to perform at your whim. Amazing; a source for the lumen hungry videographer and a boon to photographers, commercial and still life, without compromising precision visualization, in one hard to match 7.3-pound / 3.3-kilogram compact package. The color accuracy at 5600½K sustains greater than a CRI at 96Ra and scores a TLCI measurement that exceeds 95.

But WAIT, There’s MORE!

One source for all imaging requirements is a dream come true. Three Flash Modes: Single Flash, MultiFlash and HSS bring all the benefits of brilliance as a strobe’s frozen moment – up to the quickest shutter speeds a camera can fire – rivaling High Speed Sync with four times the output of the LED module. As the energy source is solid AC, the hybrid can deliver 10 consecutive flashes per second and 8 in HSS mode at 1/2 power setting. There is no difference between the perceived light of the LED and the flash image – they are one and the same! What you see is what you get! It is as though the sun has a place in your strobe.


Go ahead, pick your jaw up off of the floor…

While all of this sounds too good to be true, the flash takes predominance over the LED and imitates a legacy monolight, with complete variable modeling lamp to flash ratios and power settings from 1/8 to 1/1 – 7.0 to 10.0 – displayed as fractions or decimals. The COB LED has a brightness range of 0% to 100% as the main light and while it acts as a modeling source, 5% to 100%. The generous LCD info-panel display reports complete status of the light while staying on top of the action. Heat dissipation is so precisely designed to keep the intense beam active throughout the day without missing a beat.

All of the popular Bowens mount light shapers make the light perform to your specs and respects the investment you have made in Glow and other modifiers.

Get Creative With The Versatile FV200.
Beyond all of the typical video and still applications of the FV200’s three Flash Modes comes the additional five special effect modes that will take the light to the next creative level. Imitate a lightning storm, the legacy TV flicker, or the death throes of a broken fixture, it’s all here.

So what are you waiting for? A flash that is a LED? A LED that’s a moonlight? Not to worry, this is from Flashgear!

Godox FV200 LED Flash Features

  • 18,000 lux Hybrid HSS Flash and COB LED in a single fixture
  • Outputs both continuous and instantaneous light
  • Syncs with any camera shutter speed up to 1/800th of a second
  • Able to flash at 10 per second at full power and 8 at HSS Mode
  • Built-in X Series wireless receiver compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, and Pentax camera systems
  • Generous 16 Group and 32 Channel unit individual designation
  • Eight LED Modes for special effects
  • Precise 0 to 100% brightness dimming in LED continuous modes
  • 1/8 – 1/1 of 7.0 – 10.0 power levels in flash modes
  • Display of flash data in fractions of decimal expression
  • Stays cool under fire for continuous of rapid flash use
  • AC powered for no worry capture during long photo sessions
  • Bowens mount modifier for the widest range of light shaping
  • Large and clear graphic LCD infopanel

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