Parabox Pro – 48 inch


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Parabox Pro – 48in Overview

Are you ready for low contrast, extremely soft light like you have never seen? The new Parabox Pro series of deep octaboxes from FlashGear.Net are a fantastic way for you to bring that amazingly soft light into the studio. Available in 48in, 60in, 71in and the colossal 80in version, these parabolic modifiers are sure to become your favorite studio modifier. The Parabox Pro lineup is made of high quality rip-stop nylon to keep it lightweight while reducing strain on your flash heads. This amazing modifier also features two diffusion panels for ultimate diffusion as well as a double layer center on the inner diffusion panel which results in the virtual elimination of specularity that is often seen in less expensive parabolic modifiers. The highly reflective, smooth silver interior ensures that you get a highly efficient transfer of light through the modifier. This allows for full coverage from edge to edge and beautiful illumination of your subject.

The Parabox Pro comes standard with the bowens S mount speedring. However, we will happily change them to Elinchrom or Balcar (alien bee/einstein) speedrings at no additional charge.


Key Features:

  • Deep Parabolic Shape
    Ensures even, focused light
  • Lightweight Rip-Stop nylon
    Reduces strain on the flash head. For everyday studio or location use
  • Smooth silver interior
    For maximum light efficiency and even, edge-to-edge light throughout the softbox
  • UV-Coated diffusers
    Inner and outer UV-coated diffusers increase the lifespan of the diffuser and eliminate the magenta colour cast commonly seen with low budget softboxes from other manufacturers.
  • Inner diffuser
    featuring a 2-stop center spot to eliminate hotspots
  • Included 40º Honeycomb grid
    Perfect for greater control of light spread.
  • Included 16-hole Bowens speed ring
  • Designed for use with parabolic softboxes
  • Canvas Carry Bag with handle for easy transport


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Parabox Pro 48in
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