Starter Speedlight Kit -Lithium Ion For Olympus and Panasonic


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Starter Speedlight Kit – Lithium Ion for Olympus and Panasonic

The Starter Speedlight Kit from is a great, affordable way to get started in the world of Off Camera Lighting. This kit is everything you will need to begin your OCF Journey!

Included you will find the simple controller for Godox items, the X1t. The x1t controller mounts to the top of your camera and syncs wirelessly to the included Godox v850ii speedlight. Thus, allowing you complete control over your light without the need to go to the light to make adjustments for exposure. You will also receive the Godox S-Bracket which is the industry standard mounting bracket for speedlights and other small flashes. The S-Bracket allows you to securely attach your v850ii speedlight to the exclusive 8.5ft Heavy Duty Light Stand. Also included is one of our most popular modifiers, the 20″ Quick Parabox, also a exclusive! To top things off, you will also get a gray card. A gray card is a great tool that allows you to easily and reliably set your exposure level and white balance.


With the Starter Speedlight Kit you will receive a great kit that will allow you to get started with a multitude of photography genres, including: portraiture, newborn, food and product photography.

By starting with this kit, as you learn and grow, you can always add additional lights to your setup including the extremely popular AD200, AD600 and all the other Godox lights offered by




  • x1t Controller
  • V850ii Lithium Ion powered speedlight
  • S-Bracket
  • 8.5ft Heavy Duty Light Stand
  • 20 inch Quick Parabox
  • 12in Gray Card



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Weight 11.5 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 10 in


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