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Godox XPRO-C  X-Pro Controller for Canon


The  X Pro C controller is the best of both worlds. It is a cross of the xt32 and the x1t. It will give you instant access and easy adjustment to each group by the press of a button. No more scrolling and pressing 4 different things to change the power. It is fully compatible with all of the Godox, Flashpoint, Mo-Light, Cheetah, Neewer etc items that use the X trigger system.. This is the ultimate controller for Godox users.

Full TTL and Manual control and a brand new feature…..


Shoot in TTL then save the setting as a manual adjustment!! WHAT??? Yep.. you read that correctly….

This feature is TCM mode.

TCM: TCM Function is made only by Godox, users can trigger the flash under TTL mode to achieve the output values and then by pressing TCM button, the transmitter will change to M mode display. The flash will then work under M mode. For compensation, a user can slightly adjust the power up or down in M mode if the exposure is not set correctly. This function will be very useful for those users who are not familiar to the properly setting the flash via manual settings.



Here is a video showing how to use the X Pro with the v860ii and tt685 speedlights.



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