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Yongnuo 600 Air Professional LED – 5500K


Yongnuo’s lighting components are known for being among the best in their class, and for providing incredible value without sacrificing build quality or capability. This unit is no different. Doing away with bulky light boxes and barn doors, this pro-grade lighting panel uses LED beads behind a diffuser to create soft, even lighting at whatever levels you require.

Thanks to Yongnuo’s built-in digital dimming encoder, you’ll get smooth transitions up or down in brightness, and you can also preserve your chosen color temperature at whatever brightness setting you select. The LEDs provide 5500K color temperature with a color-rendering index of 95+, you can be sure you’ll get realistic colors and tones from your subject under this portable light.

The light delivers a wide 110-degree luminance angle and 4,000 lumens of output, giving you a range of lighting that’s above 25 feet. For power, connect NP-F style battery packs, or utilize AC power. The full unit, without batteries connected, weighs just over a kilogram (actual weight is 1,084 grams, or 38.2 ounces) and the LEDs are rated for a service life of approximately 50,000 hours.

Yongnuo YN-600 Features

  • 4,000-lumen output provides an illumination range beyond 25 feet
  • Digitally-encoded dimming controls allow for smooth adjustments and consistent output, plus the ability to change brightness without changing color temperature
  • 5500K color temperature
  • Low-profile design without a lightbox or barn doors, thanks to diffuser panel and LED construction

What’s in the box?

  • yn600 air unit

AC adapter must be purchased separately

Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 5 in


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