Godox AD300 Pro Replacement Bulb


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Godox AD300 Pro Replacement Bulb

There is nothing worse than breaking a bulb and not having a replacement handy. The Godox AD300 Pro Replacement bulb is a helical xenon, glass shielded, vented, flashtube. If you are working outside or on location, a safe bet is to always have one handy.

While AD300 Pro Bulbs are designed to deliver much higher than 100,000 pops, conditions of use, power cycling, and exposure to vibration contribute to the real lifespan of a the bulb. A typical flashtube in top shape can be in service for well over 250,000 flashes.

The Godox AD300 Pro Flashtube plugs directly into the 2 pin socket on the front of the light. Exercise a bit of care when doing so though, just to be safe.

Godox AD300 Pro Replacement Bulb Features

  • Replacement to AD300 Pro 300ws flashtube
  • Color correct at 5600°K with a tolerance of ±200°K, extended with Stable Color Mode to ±75°K throughout
  • Variable Flash duration from 1/220 to 1/10,000 of a second
  • Single or Stroboscopic output
  • Transparent compatibility for the Godox Witstro AD300 Pro and Flashpoint XPLOR300 Pro

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