Barn Door, Grid and Gel kit for 7in reflector



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This is a fantastic kit that can be used on most standard reflectors and with speedlights or strobes to create the dramatic effects you want or to provide color correction.

This Barn Doors attach to a standard reflector. The 4pcs flags are adjustable for flexible lighting shaping. Light can be concentrated for need. It is also packed with 4pcs filters. Take advantage of the filters to shoot in different environment.



4 color filters to allow you to have different background colors. They are used to either correct the light balance or create dramatic lighting effects. These are also used to change colors of backgrounds. They are designed to be used with the barn door attachment / lens holder


1 Honeycomb designed to give you ultimate control on the direction of your light. The honeycomb grid will turn a strobe head into a specular/spot type light source. It will emit a beam of light precisely where you aim. Photographers who use these tend to use many, “painting a scene” precisely with pools of light


This 4 leaf barndoor set is specifically designed for use on the reflector. Barndoors are an essential accessory for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape, intensity, or color of the light output from your flash heads. Use of a barndoor set will result in a beam of light, when it is attached to the front of the reflector of your light source. The size of the beam of light will be determined by the opening of the leaves, and the distance of the light from the subject


Size: ¢178mm 6mm*6mm



Package Includes:

1x Barn Door

1x Honeycomb Grid

4x Color Gels Filters (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 2 in


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