Background Support Kit


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Background Support Kit

The Flashgear Background support kit includes two or our premium, heavy duty 10ft air cushioned light stands. As well as, our telescoping, one piece 10ft background support crossbar. As a result, this heavy duty setup allows you to use rolls of seamless paper, muslin backgrounds, vinyl backgrounds, hand painted canvas and more. You won’t find a better setup in this price range! Plus, when you aren’t using the background support, you can use the stands from this kit for your lights or other items.

Expandable from 5ft to 10ft

(cloth background not included)


Each stand has a carry bag, removable spigot with top and side mount.

Cross bar can be mounted on top or on the side depending on your preference.

Additional information

Weight15.1 lbs
Dimensions48 × 6 × 6 in


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