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The Off Camera Flashback!

How many times have you heard about someone knocking over their AD200 and it getting damaged? Quite often, this damage results in either needing a replacement or needing to send it off for costly repair. The Off Camera Flashback is designed to give you peace of mind protection for your AD200. It cushions the fall and absorbs the impact while keeping your light safe and sound. The Off Camera Flashback is the most effective product on the market to protect your AD200 in the event of a fall/drop. It will give you peace of mind while keeping your light safe.

After destroying one of her AD200’s, Kirsten Spencer set out to figure out a way to keep her light safe and avoid repeating this costly mishap. Through this, the Off Camera Flashback was born!

The rectangular design fits snugly over the control end of your AD200 allowing you to still see the control panel and letting you still use your S Bracket to hold the light. The design looks like a large Loupe and can be used as such when needed.

If you have the AD200 and want to avoid destroying your light if it accidentally gets knocked over, this is the insurance policy you need!


Available EXCLUSIVELY through, The Off Camera Flashback is a patent pending product that will pay for itself over and over again!

The Flashback will also protect many speedlights and other small off camera lights such as the ad360 etc.

More models are on the way!!

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