H200R Round Flash Head for AD200


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Introducing the Godox H200R Round Flash Head for the AD200!!

Godox and the AD200 flash hit a homerun once again!

Godox introduces another leap in the evolution of the outstanding X System Family. The much anticipated H200R Round Modular Flashhead that will produce a natural and pleasing diffused circular light. These do not produce the horizontal bar tube pattern, typical to speedlight Fresnel head hiding out in a round casing. This is not a duplication of the ad200 barebulb modular head fitted in a standard reflector. This is an entirely fresh presentation of a genuinely round head with a bare bulb centered and positioned vertically within a bowl reflector that maximizes the output and delivers a clean light pattern.

Surprize! A brilliant LED modelling light lurks within! Using the three levels of brightness, you can direct the beam with confidence. The tube in behind a frosted glass plate with a magnetic ring on the perimeter allowing gels, grids, barndoors, diffusers, snoots and bounce scoops to mount directly and quickly. The large selection of snap-on magnetic modifiers can be stacked to gain more control and effects. The output is exceptionally even with an approximate guide number of 130 (ft). This design promises to be the best off-camera head yet for modifier free use in this unique, ingenious modular pocket flash.

The AD 200 is not just a 200 watt second fully cordless X-Radio system TTL strobe, but an amazing miniaturized modular “Hybrid” system with interchangeable flash heads. You can snap in the best of traditional speedlite style Fresnel heads at GN170 (ft) or chose to use to the barebulb parabolic reflector head at GN 196 (ft) with super even spread, just by plugging it in. The incredible amount of power and control in these compact and lightweight flashes, make this design the first choice of professional photographers with an eye for flexible multiple lights set up.

Godox H200R Features

  • Modular head snaps quickly into place on AD200 body
  • The most natural and pleasing diffused light
  • LED Modeling Lamp for perfect placement and visualization
  • True round light distribution from barebulb
  • Sparkling illumination at approximately 130GN
  • Magnetic mounting ring for the complete set of modifiers and it’s stackable, too!

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H200R Round Flash Head for AD200
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