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The H-EyE-Lighter Curved Reflector from FlashGear.net

The H-EyE-Lighter Curved Reflector from FlashGear.net is a simple solution to a lighting problem. A common technique for achieving a glamorous portrait is lighting the subject on-axis from above to bring out the modeling of the face and details in the hair, makeup, etc. But what to do about the hard shadows under the nose and around the eyes other than add additional lights to complicate the subject? The H-EyE-Lighter’s  58.5″ wide modifier has an open “U” shape which forms an arc that surrounds the subject, over which reflective silver material is tightly stretched for a consistent effect.

An included bracket allows you to tilt the reflector to the ideal angle to bounce light from the main source to slightly flatten the contrast, while maintaining a three-dimensional look, and remove the shadows to your desired degree without adding another source. The H-EyE-Lighter’s name is derived from its natural-looking H-EyE-Lights that follow the contour of the subject eyes, and because of its shape, is an unbroken arc without the gaps seen when using multiple reflectors. The H-EyE-Lighter can be used with any light source, be it a tungsten, LED, or flash fixture, or even outdoors with the sun. The H-EyE-Lighter sets up and breaks down in minutes for storage and transport in its included case. Unlike other brands that offer something similar, the H-EyE-Lighter comes with 3 reflector options with no need to purchase them separately. Soft White, Soft Silver and Sunny Gold are all included from the start.


  • Ideal for fashion, beauty, and portrait shooters, the H-EyE-Lighter fills in the harsh shadows created by lights angled down toward the subject from overhead, slightly flattening the light quality, yet maintaining a striking three-dimensional quality
  • The 58.5″ width of the silver reflector has a concave curve that follows the contour of the eye and creates an attractive, uninterrupted, arc-like reflection
  • The H-EyE-Lighter’s Swivel/Tilt Bracket can be angled to achieve the degree of fill light that you require
  • The H-EyE-Lighter sets up in minutes and breaks down just as quickly for storage and transport in its included bag
  • The H-EyE-Lighter can be used with any light source, be it continuous tungsten, LED light, flash, or even outdoors with the sun
  • Tensioning rods stretch the fabric taught to achieve optimal performance and consistency


  • H-EyE-Lighter Frame with swivel base and tensioning rods
  • Soft Silver panel
  • Soft White panel
  • Sunny Gold panel
  • Carry Bag
  • light stand is NOT included

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Weight7.1 lbs
Dimensions36 × 6 × 6 in


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