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32×48 K-Pop Softbox “Window Light”

Often called the ‘window light’ the 32×48 K-Pop Softbox is an easy to open and close softbox that produces amazing light. The 32×48 K-Pop Softbox is ideal for newborn photographers that want to give the “window light” feel to their photos. This softbox is fantastic for portraiture, product photography, newborn sessions, groups and more. When it comes to perfect size and light quality it is tough to beat the 32×48 K-Pop Softbox.

The K-Pop Series of softboxes and octaboxes are some of the best softboxes you will come across. Since they open and close like an umbrella, they are very easy to open and close. The K-pop series produces amazing light and are very affordable. The K-Pop series come in a bowens mount so that they will fit your strobes or S-Brackets holding your speedlights. Included are two diffusion panels so that by using double diffusion, the K-Pop series creates amazingly soft, even light. Then, by using the included grid, you can easily control light spill and give more direction to your light.


  • K-Pop Softbox including 2 diffusion panels
  • K-Pop Grid
  • Carry Bag with draw string

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 6 in

1 review for 32×48 K-Pop Softbox

  1. tomliveshere (verified owner)

    I just got this softbox and it produces nice, soft, controllable light. It is also very easy to set up, the umbrella shaft is long enough that the sliding section never goes past the end. That means all you have to do is slide it down until it locks as opposed to having to line it up and push it onto a little shaft stub. Literally opens with one hand in a second. The internal diffuser has Velcro instead of snaps or loops so installing it is also very easy. Front diffuser fits the front of the box very well and had well made defined corners and wide Velcro along the edge. The grid fits well and has straight even sections with clean directed light. Bowens mount fits the 3 different Godox lights I tested it on including the AD-600 PRO and the AD-360II in the Godox Bowens bracket. There are only two things I don’t like about this softbox. First the internal diffuser does not reach all the way to the edge of the inside of the box. This doesn’t create a problem if you use the front diffuser but sometimes I don’t use the front diffuser and this allows light spill that can show up as a bright line in your shot. This hasn’t been anything I couldn’t adjust to keep out of the shot but it is something I need to keep in mind when I’m not using the front diffuser. Second I would like the option of a white interior as well as the silver, maybe that’s just me but I like white interiors on some softboxes. I will keep buying K-Pop softboxes, similar light as my name brand “Rod and Ring” boxes that cost me 3 times what this cost, I paid more for a grid than this box cost.

    • Tim Payne

      Thank you for the excellent feedback! I will work on some of those options for the future. I am glad you are enjoying the softbox, thank you for your patronage!

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