Godox S30 Focusing Light



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Godox S30 Focusing LED Light

The Godox S30 Focusing LED Light is the remarkable solution for precision spot to flood LED lighting for all videography where excellence is the priority. The lightweight system utilizes an integrated optical system that projects a superbly graduated soft 6 to 55-degree throw, 12,000 to 2,600 lux at 3.3 feet, with a covetous TCLI beyond 96Qa and substantial CRI over 96Ra. But, let’s not stop here. The S30 can perform almost anywhere with three varieties of power options: through the included AC to DC adapter, an ingenious compact industry standard lithium-ion Sony NP 7.4V battery port, or a power bank with a USB 5V/2A cable attached. Small, yet powerful and adept, primed for professional delivery of creative and essential lighting without the mass and size usually associated with such a formidable feature-laden productive unit. Of course, you can electronically control brightness levels steplessly, with values displayed clearly on the LCD information panel, while enjoying the gentle precise tight to wide beam illumination. Nary is a sound heard from the light to disturb a sound recording session, or create a low audible rumble, even fan cooled ventilation assures stability. There isn’t a style of photography or videography that cannot benefit from this LED light, from video interviews, portrait enhancement, still-life sets or for the spectrum of creative blends of imaging.

The Godox S30 system accepts a wide variety of accessories for no-compromise lighting. These units are reminiscent of the tiny hot quartz heads that once were the desired objects for absolute precision in exacting light performance, without any of their drawbacks.  Many attachments are on the way including the SA-P Projection Attachment with an 85mm lens, which sits on the front of the S30, to master the raw beam and define the throw sharply. The focusing assembly alters the size and edge of the lighting effect to custom parameters. Within the body of the Projection Attachment are slots that accept all types of modifiers. The SA-09 Gobo set combines the ability to play light and shadow games or introduce designs and pre-cut intricate patterns in the projection attachment slot as a background or overall effect. Scrim Set SA-05 paints a wash of dark to light gradations across the beam projection. The SA-08 Barndoor Set shapes the light beam to feather spill or frame the subject to the exact enhancement, while the Iris Diaphragm goes beyond barndoor restriction to the tightest, constricted pinpoint, spark of light. Framing shutters are placed to encroach on the beam and form geometric, trapezoidal shapes.

Godox S30 Features

  • Optical excellence provides soft and even light at any angle setting, from spot to flood
  • High 96+ CRI and TLCI ratings guarantee natural, pristine color
  • Consistent color temperature within 150K of Daylight
  • Great for videographers, portrait shooters, performance and event coverage, product shots and anyplace LED precision is the goal
  • Lightweight and cool performance invite longtime lamp life
  • Acts as an inky spot to a swath of flood coverage with the twist of a knob
  • Multiple sources of power free the S30 LED for use almost anywhere
  • Silent treatment for audio purity during recording sessions
  • Quality construction through and through
  • A nice range of accessories to master the light

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