Wedding Photographer “Pro” Kit



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Wedding Photographer “Pro” Kit

Wedding photography can be a daunting genre to enter into. Quite often, people aren’t sure about what equipment they need to properly photograph such an important event. That is where the Wedding Photographer “Pro” Kit comes in. Since wedding photography is our specialty, we decided to put together this fantastic, ready to go and easy to use kit just for you! When shooting weddings, you inevitably need a flash on camera to go with another flash (or 3) off camera. Here, we have giving you the perfect setup to get started.

What does it come with?

We start with the Westcott FJ80 Touchscreen, Universal Roundhead Speedlight. This amazing, on camera flash will allow you to easily capture those up close photos where you need that kiss of fill or bounce light to properly expose your subject. It will also give you full control over the included Westcott FJ200. The FJ200 is a feature packed, high performance compact 200 watt second strobe that can be used for capturing those fantastic moments on the dance floor at the reception. It is also perfect for those incredible individual portraits along with all of your other creative setups throughout the day. You will also receive the FJ-X2m which is the universal trigger to control both lights off camera. (adapter needed for sony) To go with the lights, you will receive two of the Westcott Quick Mount S Brackets, so that you can easily mount your lights to the included 10ft Heavy Duty Light Stands.

What wedding kit would be complete without a couple of amazing modifiers?

First, you get our ‘award winning’ 20in Quick Parabox. This modifier is ideal for the FJ80 or the FJ200 and gives you a stunning, low contrast directional light that is perfect for individual or couple’s portraits. Finally, we wrap things up with our amazing FlashGear 28×48 K Pop “window light” Softbox. The 28×48 K Pop Softbox is part of our ‘Window Light’ line of modifiers. It will enable you to produce a beautiful soft light that is reminiscent of the light that you see entering a norther facing window. This modifier is also a fantastic option to be used for the main light on your group images.


The Wedding Photographer “Pro” Kit is sure to help take your wedding photography to the next level! As needed, you can also add additional Westcott FJ series lights to expand your kit based on your individual needs.



  • 2 – Westcott Quick Mount S Brackets
  • 2- FlashGear 10ft Heavy Duty Air Cushioned Light Stands
  • 1 – FJ-X2m Universal Trigger
  • 1 – FJ80 Universal Roundhead Speedlight
  • 1 – FJ200 Compact 200ws Strobe
  • 1 – Flashgear 28×40 K Pop Softbox
  • 1 – Flashgear 20in Quick Parabox

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 10 in


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