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by Robert on
Still going strong

I bought 3 - Godox TT600 speedlights and a X1T for Nikon on Feb 4 2018 and after more than 2 years and some 20,000 or so flashes... they are still going strong with not one glitch.. Shipping was quick and his after the sell customer support is A+++

by Kyle on
Great value of experience and guidance

I met Tim through a Facebook group where he took the time to gather a ton of material to learn how to shoot with OFC. He was able to talk to me about my needs for my studio and establish a game plan on what products fit my need. I ordered my kit and an extra softbox. It was delivered in two days flat! Amazing experience, great company, good price. Worth every penny!

by Jay Matthews on
Great service and support

Mr. Payne helped me out with the repair of my AD200. He shipped what I needed expeditiously and was very thoughtful, sincere and polite. Thank you!

by Julie Cordero on
Great repair assistance

Tim offers the best customer service out there! He is beyond helpful. I had some lights that needed repair and he made it happen. I'm very appreciative!

by jerry on
Awesome Sauce

Not much to say..Great everything from Tim. Cant go wrong with going through Tim!

by Scott Straatmann on
Where I buy ALL my flash gear is a one stop shop for all your flash gear needs! Tim as been more than helpful in guiding me to buy the correct equipment that bests suits my style and what I am trying to accomplish. Whether it's in the studio or on location, Tim has what you need. Customer service and the products offered are all top notch!

by Phil O'Hagan on
tt350 Sony

I bought two of these flashes eight or nine months ago and am very pleased with them. I recently downsized to a Sony a6000 which is smaller than my Nikon D7100 was and, although I still use my YN 568EXs with the Godox X1R, they are much too big to use on the smaller camera when on camera flash is needed. The TT 350s are the perfect size for on camera use when necessary. Their built in receivers also makes them perfect for OCF. I am very pleased with both them and the X1Rs.

by Steve Roberts on
My photography is better!

My photography is better not just because of the gear, but Tim's invaluable guidance. Very appreciated, thank you...

by Christine Chambers on
The best customer service in the industry

No matter what your level of experience is. No matter how large or small the purchase.
Tim will always be there to support you and answer your questions. He's not in it just for the sale. He truly wants you to get the best results. He is not going to automatically steer you to the most expensive item but will work with you to find out what you need more than what you think you want. You honestly will not get better service out there either online or locally. I recommend getting all of your lighting equipment through Tim!

by Jeff Gagliano on

Tim Payne.....I can not express enough, how AWESOME the AD200 flash unit is. 200ws of power and even on 1/2 power,I have been more than impressed. I had to do a shoot for a church group play, they wanted all the actors onstage for one group shotin a large sanctuary. I have 2- AD200's and on 1/8 power through a shoot through umbrella, back 30'....with stage lights on, using the AD200's for some fill......1/8 power was still too high. Not only that, but I arrived at the church 1 1/2 ahead to set up these two lights and get some shots of the dress rehearsal, and I was shooting from High above the stage in the light and sound booth, so I had turned the AD200's on and left them on for the entire time but, didn't use them, so they "went to sleep" .Using an R2 transmitter, one touch of the test, woke them up and the results where amazing. Came back to my office, put the two batteries on charge and had only used 1 bar on both batteries and have over 200 shots on those batteries. (Not all 200 from the church - I had forgot to charge them but I knew I had spare batteries fully charged)..By the way...I have NEVER had to pull out my spare's..even during a wedding reception.

I am so impressed with the power, I use them for fill in all my outdoor sessions with a 43" octo and bare bulb and still, I am on 1/16th, 1/8th 1/4 power for fill. Over power the sun?..I'd say most defiantly for what I need them for. Now, I don't have to lug my 400ws mono's with my mini lithium's everywhere I go. Thank you Tim Payne for all your education and information on these amazing AD200 units.

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