20in Quick Parabox


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20in Quick Parabox

Introducing the KING of small modifiers :The 20in Quick Parabox.

This 20 inch parabolic octagonal softbox produces some of the best light you will ever see from a box this size. Perfect for use with Speedlights as well as items such as the AD200 and even large strobes such as the AD600. The 20in Quick Parabox is definitely something you want in your arsenal of lighting modifiers.

The entire Quick Parabox series open and close like an umbrella allowing for quick setup and breakdown.

The 20in Quick Octabox is perfect for your portraits as well as many other types of photography where a beautiful, soft, low contrast light is ideal. The 20in Quick Parabox is perfect for outdoor use. Because of this, the result is amazing light while using a small enough footprint to not get turned into a sail when used outdoors.

The 20in Quick Parabox is made from durable material that cleans easily, repels water and holds up well.

A bowens mount is the standard mount which results in easy attachment to the S-Bracket and other strobes. (other mounting options available, just ask)

The 20in Quick Parabox weighs in at barely over 3lbs. At 20 inches across and a depth of 20 inches when fully opened, the small size is very convenient for most situations.


  •  20in Quick Parabox
  •  internal diffuser
  •  external diffuser
  •  grid
  •  zippered carrying case

Additional information

Weight5.3 lbs
Dimensions36 × 6 × 6 in


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